Welcome to saltyrtc.org!

SaltyRTC is an end-to-end encrypted signalling protocol. It offers to freely choose from a range of signalling tasks, such as setting up a WebRTC or ORTC peer-to-peer connection, or even using the WebSocket based signaling server as a relay. SaltyRTC is completely open to new and custom signalling tasks for everything feasible.

Getting Started

Just want to dive in and use SaltyRTC as your signalling service? Go ahead and get started!


The specification can be found on Github. Feel free to open an issue if you have a question or want to improve something!


There are currently three SaltyRTC tasks specified: WebRTC, ORTC and Relayed Data.


If you want to play around with SaltyRTC, you can try our demo. The repository contains both an Android app and a simple web application that can exchange text messages via signaling channel and via WebRTC data channel.

Source Code

SaltyRTC is free and open source. All our code can be found on Github. There's also a list of implementations.


If you want to contribute or have a bug report or a feature request, feel free to open an issue or send a pull request in one of our Github projects.